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Savings calculation with Superpack

Electricity and gas Superpack
Air Conditioning

The unpacked price of energy (Electricity "Tarifa Mes Media" up to 4,000 kWh /year and Gas "Tarifa Mes Media" up to 3,000 kWh/year), services (servielectric Xpress, servigas Xpress and meter rental) and taxes (tax on electricity, on hydrocarbons* and VAT) are compared with Superpack.

* The Special Hydrocarbon Tax included in the fee has been calculated on an estimated monthly consumption of 368 kWh /month, 618 kWh /month and 861 kWh /month respectively for each of the Superpacks. The final amount of the fee will vary depending on the amount resulting from applying that tax on real consumption for the month.

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