Payment deferment conditions

The postponement is voluntary by the client and can only be requested at the time of contracting.

1.- The acceptance of the adhesion request is conditioned to the fulfillment of the requirements established in the offer:
a) residential customers at national level ((NIF, NIE and / or EU community passport) with contracted access rates for gas 3.1 and 3.2 and electricity 2.0A, 2.0DHA (except 2.0A with maximeter) and contracted power less than or equal to at 8 kW.
b) clients registered in the Client Area, with online invoice and direct payment
c) request via web made before 06.30.2020
d) valid campaign for new hires carried out in NaturgyIberia, S.A before 06.30.2020
e) the client must not have amounts pending payment on the date of joining the campaign
f) conditioned on passing the solvency analysis carried out by Naturgy. Naturgy will communicate within a maximum period of 5 days the acceptance or not of the application for membership and its application from the moment of your request.

2.- Once the membership is accepted, the payment of the invoices issued from the date of acceptance and until 09/30/2020 will be divided, without interest, into twelve monthly installments. These monthly payments will be collected from 01.10.2020 until 09.30.2021. The non-payment of any invoice (the divided ones or those issued later) or the loss of any of the conditions of the offer will lead to the early maturity of all the deferred amounts and, consequently, their immediate demand from the day of their default.