Superpack Conditions - Naturgy

Coverages included in the Naturgy Superpacks:

Financial conditions for the Naturgy Superpacks:

  • Electricity and Gas Naturgy Superpack standard with heating and Media Electric air conditiong:  €133 per month
  • Electricity and Gas Naturgy Superpack with heating: €133 per month
  • Electricity and Gas Naturgy Superpack with air conditioning: €96 per month
  • Electricity Naturgy Superpack with air conditioning: €68 per month
  • Electricity Naturgy Superpack standard: €49 per month

The amount includes tax (electricity tax, special hydrocarbon tax, VAT) and, if applicable, the cost of leasing the gas metering device and leasing the single-phase electricity metering device. It does not include other regulated charges that may be passed on by the distributor related to the gas and electricity supply, among others the IRC fee. The amount corresponding to the hydrocarbon tax included in the instalment has been calculated based on an estimated monthly consumption of 368, 618 and 861 kWh for the Mini, Media and Maxi Gas Fixed Tariffs, respectively. The final payment amount will vary, upward or downward, as a result of applying this tax (0.00234 €/kWh) to the consumption billed each month.

The prices communicated are those in effect for contracts entered into before 31/11/2020. One month prior to renewal of the contract for these tariffs, the new price conditions for the next year will be communicated.

The payment amount will go into effect on the contracting date and will be valid for one year. In the case of a change in Superpack plan, the payment amount of the new tariff plan will remain in effect until the change.(1)

Superpacks available in the Canary Islands:

  • Electricity Naturgy Superpack with air conditioning: €59 per month
  • Electricity Naturgy Superpack standard: €42 per month

The amount includes taxes (electricity tax, IGIC) and, if applicable, the amount of the rental of the single-phase electricity meter. It does not include other regulated concepts that can be transferred by the distributor related to the supply of electricity.

Terms and conditions for the gas and electricity Fixed Tariffs

With the Gas Fixed Tariffs and Electricity Fixed Tariffs, a fixed amount will be billed for 12 months. This amount is set according to the estimated annual consumption of gas and electricity (maximum annual consumption kWh/year). The amount of the fixed tariff includes the fixed and variable charges in the case of gas, and the power and energy charges in the case of electricity.

Tariffs available only to customers with tariffs 3.1 and 3.2 for gas and 2.0A and 2.0DHA for electricity with contracted power of less than or equal to 8 kW (except 2.0A with maximeter). Not recommended for consumption below 750 kWh per year or above 20,000 kWh per year in natural gas, or for consumption below 500 kWh per year or higher than 7,000 kWh per year in electricity. Tariffs not available for customers with a social discount.

Charge for excess consumption

If the customer exceeds the annual maximum consumption of the fixed tariff contracted, they will be billed a surcharge for excess consumption, which will be calculated by multiplying the price of the ‘excess kWh’ by the number of kWh in excess of the contracted amount. Naturgy Iberia, S.A. will inform the Customer when they are about to exceed the annual maximum consumption. If the excess consumption being billed is based on an estimated meter reading, Naturgy Iberia S.A. will inform the Customer that they may provide their real reading.

Consumption bands:

  • Electricity Micro Mes tariff: Consumption of 0 kWh to 1,500 kWh per year.
  • Electricity Mini Mes tariff: Consumption of 1,500 kWh to 2,500 kWh per year. 
  • Electricity Media Mes tariff: Consumption of 2,500 kWh to 4,000 kWh per year.

A surcharge of 0.258 will be applied for every kWh consumed in excess of the upper limit of the band.This price does not include VAT, or other taxes.

  • Gas Micro Mes tariff: Consumption of 0 kWh to 3,000 kWh per year.
  • Gas Media Mes tariff: Consumption of 6,000 kWh to 9,000 kWh per year.
  • Gas Maxi Mes tariff: Consumption of 9,000 kWh to 12,000 kWh per year.

A surcharge of 0.111 will be applied for every kWh consumed in excess of the upper limit of the band. This price does not include VAT, or other taxes.

The customer may request changes in the plan/rate of the upper or lower band if the consumption selected does not correspond to actual consumption during the life of the contract.

Bonus of one month free

If the Customer’s consumption is less than the lower annual consumption limit for the contracted fixed tariff during the one-year term of the contract, Naturgy Iberia, S.A. will provide a rebate equal to a single gas/electricity monthly payment, as applicable, in the next contract term. A change in the plan/rate does not mean the customer loses this rebate, as long as this change was made before the kWh limit was exceeded. This rebate will not be provided if during the term of the fixed-tariff contract the gas/electricity supply was shut off due to non-payment, or if at the end of the term of the contract the Customer has an outstanding debt with Naturgy Iberia S.A. See the amount of the fee according to the Month Rate contracted at

Contracting or cancelling the Mes tariff

If the customer cancels the contracted fixed tariff before the end of the contract term, Naturgy Iberia S.A. will calculate the amount that would have been billed up to the cancellation date at the gas and/or electricity tariff that corresponds to the customer's consumption characteristics and the amount paid by the customer with the fixed tariff up to the cancellation date. The customer will then be billed for the difference between the two amounts if the balance is negative for the customer. See the amount of the fee according to the Month Rate contracted at

Signing up for the fixed tariff means cancelling the Fixed Payment Plan, Online Savings Plan or any other campaigns or promotions that the customer may have.

Contracted power

If the contracted electric power is higher than 6 kW, €6 per month will be added to the monthly payment amount of the Superpack contracted.

Access tariff  

The Customer authorises Naturgy Iberia S.A. to request, on the customer's behalf, a change in the access tariff, with Naturgy Iberia S.A. assuming the corresponding cost if the change was not expressly requested by the Customer.

Terms and conditions of gas maintenance service: Servigas

This is the domestic maintenance service, preventive and/or corrective, depending on the characteristics of the gas installation, heating (including boiler, hydraulic circuit with radiators), water heater/boiler or domestic hot water generators and other gas appliances.

Services included in each of the maintenance contracts: 

 Service Coverage

  Xpress   Confort 



 Annual preventive inspection x x x
 Periodic inspection (PI) x x x
 Repair services x x x
 Assistance service x x x
 Wired Smart thermostat   x

Terms and conditions of electricity maintenance service: Servielectric Xpress

Multi-brand repair of your appliances and air conditioning. Major appliances. This service includes the following: refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, air conditioning. 

One service per year of an ‘electrical handyman’.

Urgent repair: we arrive within three hours. The visit for the repair service will be made in the shortest time possible from the time the notification is received, and in all cases will be less than three hours. Nonetheless, Naturgy Iberia S.A. will be exempt from complying with this time limit when the circumstances of same make this impossible. The emergency repair service (<3 hours) will have an exclusion period of 15 days from the start date of the contract. Parts not included.

Maintenance of Superpack conditions

The application of the financial conditions described above is conditional on the indivisibility of the Naturgy Superpack chosen. Cancellation of one or more of the contracts that make up the Naturgy Superpack will entail the elimination of the Superpack conditions, with the financial conditions in effect at the time of the cancellation being applicable to the rest of the products and the tariff corresponding to the characteristics of the customer's consumption.

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